Perfect Party Popcorn

Popcorn is a great, quick, easy snack. Just toss in the microwave and then eat. Although... we all have burned a bag or two in our day, so let's not say it's THAT simple😅 . The fact that it is seemingly this simple, means most people overlook all the amazing things you can do with it!

(And no, this isn't about to be a post on popcorn garland.)

The great thing about popcorn is it's very neutral. This means for hosting purposes, it's a blank canvas. You can make it sweet or savory, you can dye it different colors to match a theme, you can blend it with other snacks to elevate and add some texture. Trust us, once you start zhuzhing up popcorn you'll never eat regular popcorn again.

Pro Tips

  • When customizing your popcorn, have all your ingredients out and ready to go as soon as that last kernel pops. Infusing flavors work best when everything is steamy hot

  • Use a separate mixing bowl from the serving bowl. Shaking blending and stirring can get messy and won't look as cute when setting out

  • Melt ingredients in a bowl over boiling water instead of a microwave. Microwave doesn't heat things evenly and can burn easily

Truffle Parmesan Popcorn

Ok, maybe this isn't too "Zhuzh'd", But you gotta start small. Trust us this cheesy savory recipe is far from boring. The true secret to this yummy savory popcorn is to use truffle salt instead of truffle oil. Most truffle oil is synthetic while most truffle salt is made with real truffles. Take your freshly popped popcorn and mist NOT DRIZZLE olive oil all over. This will allow your salt to stick evenly to your kernel. Next shredded Parmesan and dried parsley. Toss and move to a serving bowl. Adding a little extra parma and parsley on top for some pizzazz and you are good to go! What's great about this is, it will go good for any occasion and pairs with almost everything.

White Cookie Popcorn

Now, since we have our super-simple truffle popcorn, it's time to add something a bit more fun and out there. Now, for the record, we named this white cookie because of the white chocolate base. But you can add any food coloring to your chocolate to fit any theme. Add some red for a holiday popcorn movie night, or blue for a cookie monster-themed kids party. Picking whatever color you like and naming it adds a level of custom personalization that will be fun and sure to impress.

Before popping your popcorn pick two different cookies. Oreos make a great contrast to the white popcorn. The second cookie can be a normal chocolate chip, a fudge stripe, or go fancy with a snickerdoodle. Break the cookies up into big chunks using a plastic bag and set them aside.

Put about 24oz of white chocolate in a glass bowl and set it in a pot of hot water for about two minutes. Make sure the water isn't boiling because it may bubble over into your chocolate.

Once melted if you are thinking to add color now is the time, otherwise, leave it in the water on simmer. Pop your popcorn then dump in a mixing bowl with half of your melted chocolate.

Carefully fold it in as popcorn can break and crumble up. After that add your Oreos and other cookie crumbles and shake it all up. Once that's all done, drizzle the rest of the chocolate on top for a photo finish. Although this is yummy warm, it can be refrigerated and served cold. Which makes it an ideal dish to make beforehand and a great dish to bring over!

Two types of popcorn are usually enough for any type of get together and these two not only are two of the tastiest they are also some of the best eye-catchers.

Enjoy and Happy Hosting

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