Infused Waters, the other party drink

Now we're not talking about plain tap with ice or even sparkling water. No, let's discuss infused waters.

Infusing water is when you combine fruits, vegetables, and herbs in water. Setting it for a certain amount of time allows nutrients to dissolve in the water. This process adds flavor and aroma to make it a pleasantly refreshing experience. Even now, as we write this, the thought of a nice ice-cold glass of strawberry cucumber water sounds divine.

Infused waters are a perfect alternative beverage for guests who don't drink, kids, or even just hydration on deck for when the drinking pace becomes a bit too much for some. Not only can you tailor water to match a theme, but you can also use it as a centerpiece on a buffet. It’s also quick, easy, and cheap to make!

Since infused waters have become trendy recently, there are plenty of pitchers with infuser cartridges that will keep all the fruit bits out of your guest cups. But you can also use standard glass crafts for a more simple rustic look. If you go with a tabletop style water dispenser that pours from the bottom, we suggest putting a catch at the bottom, over the faucet. This will keep the soggy fruit from clogging up.

A good rule of thumb is to infuse for 1-2 hours at room temperature or in the fridge for 3-4 hours before your event to achieve the potent flavor and color. Infused waters can stay fresh for up to 3 days refrigerated if you know you might be too busy the day of your event.

So now that we've shown you how great infused waters can be. Let's look at some simple recipes!

There is a myriad of combinations to make some great waters, and you can go as vibrant or as muted as you like.

Trying to stay neutral? How about this pear cinnamon water. Not only does the color palate consist of warm soft tones, but the flavor is also very muted and not too overpowering of most meals.

Need some pop of color? Go with the pineapple mint recipe. A bold color scheme with bright fresh flavors is great for summer outdoor gatherings.

You can even do themes; check out these gender reveal pink grapefruit with basil and cucumber blueberry waters!

Not only contrasting colors but also very different, but yummy contrasting flavors. A cute double water idea intriguing enough for guests to try both no matter if they are team boy or team girl.

The combinations are endless. The great thing is we haven't tested a flavor we haven't loved yet! So get to experimenting. Tag us with new combinations you tried out! And have fun with it!!

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