Hosting tips for the Introverted extrovert

In this day and age, people have started to realize not everything is so black and white. There are lots of shades of gray in-between. Being introverts and extroverts is one of these topics containing a few gray areas. Many people assume that being an introvert means you don't want to do anything or be around anyone. That's simply not true.

Some introverts want to be extroverts, some introverts want to still be part of a friend group and don't know how or just introverts who are trying to be a good sport and have a party because they know it's what you're supposed to do.

Trust us, we know just how you feel, so we put together a quick list of tips you can do as an introvert trying to be a good host. These tricks are some simple suggestions that can be applied to any type of party or event and will help you cope while planning as well as hosting. Think of it as a planner to host yourself as an introvert while planning to host your guest!

Establish a home base:

Many introverts' anxiety immediately starts going up when they realize hosting means people will be in their space. Your bubble feels like it will be invaded and tainted by others. What you can do in the first stages of planning is to set a location that will be off-limits to others.

Having a space to retreat to and regroup is vital for any introvert and setting this up in the planning stages will mentally prepare you as well. Whether it be a room away from the party, the backseat of the car, or just the side of the building. It should be a place you have set up with a few items to help. Headphones to drown out the sound, maybe a diffuser already plugged in. A few of your favorite items that you already use as familiars. Anything to help ground you and get you back in the right headspace to continue hosting.

Have a Hype Man

Another way to take the pressure off is to get someone to co-host. Sure it's your event but that doesn't mean you have to be in the spotlight the entire time. You are the director and producer, let someone else be the actor. Delegate task, have that one person you know is going to over talk anyways do the talking. This not only takes the attention off of you, but it also allows you to focus on all the other important moving parts. Like not burning the food because you're reading our articles… Picking the right co-host can guarantee a fun party even when you feel you may not be the life of the party.

Be the Aficionado

Try to have an event themed on something you are into and know a lot about. Now this one might shake you a bit because most introverts are not too keen on letting others into their hobbies and interests. Which is understandable. But people feed off the energy of others, especially the host. Therefore by controlling the type of event you're hosting

you're more likely to have the confidence needed to lead the party and avoid those dread awkward silences where no one knows what to say or what's going on. Being an expert on the theme also makes planning and managing your event much easier. Since you know everything on the subject, coming up with things like decor, party favors and games won't be a strain to come up with. Keeping the topic relevant will allow for easier conversation starters and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Keep it intimate

Now when we think of a good party most of us think of a giant gathering. But you don't necessarily need a crowd to have fun. A party could just be four people.

Keeping the guest list to a limit will alleviate some anxiety and stress of performing and even planning. Fewer people to please, fewer things to worry about. On top of that, a more intimate setting will allow you to make sure the people coming are people you feel somewhat comfortable letting in your space. Rather than just friends of friends of friends cousins which just adds to the awkwardness.

Games Galore

A simple tried and true way to host as an introvert is to make sure you have plenty of things to do. Games not only keep everyone engaged, but they can also keep the spotlight off you for the most part. It's good to have an array of games. Ranging from familiar to bizarre. Having an array of games will help you keep the vibe going. Allowing guests to decide the pace and comfortability of the party cuts out those awkward moments where everyone is just trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Set a stop time

This is a good one that many of us never even think about. It rarely crosses our mind that we could just end the party. We are all so used to the dreaded " party until…" timeframe, where you end up praying that people go home at a reasonable time. Well, I'm here to tell you that prayer without works is dead, my friend.

Setting stop times can help you get through the many anxieties about people in your space.

While also helping to preserve your safe space. By having an end time you will also set an unconscious goal for yourself to watch during those high-stress moments. It may feel slightly rude because you are kinda kicking people out. But we are here for self-preservation. It's also rude to be in someone's space longer than need be.

Although, as we said at the beginning, there are many types and levels of being an introvert that some of these tips are good for. Some still may need more assistance with how to handle certain situations. These are just a few tips on how to get started hosting while managing your own mental hurdles. Hopefully, they are enough and will give you hope of being able to host despite your introverted intuition. Stay tuned for more tricks and tips from us to you

Good luck!

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